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Anaesthetic elbow connectors with standard fittings which are compatible with most anaesthesia machines.

 For more images see the Flexicare website..  The numbers in brackets relate to the Flexicare product number.

Made from the highest quality clear PVC with inflatable cuffs, these endotracheal tubes are sterilised in easy to open plastic/paper sleeves complete with inflation valve and connector. The softening agents in the tubing allow easy manouvering of the tube during intubation prior to general anaesthesia.

The sizes 11 mm-14 mm are great for larger size dogs and other bigger animals. The entry point for the tubing to inflate the cuff is approximately 10 cm from the adapter end. If desired, this allows individual veterinarians to cut and reduce the overall length of the tube without interfering with the actual working of the product.

Comes with 7ft tubing, nasal prong and standard connector 

Mila are a well known brand with these cuffecd endotracheal tubes offering the following features:

Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Recommended

Surgivet rebreathing bags are durable consumable breathing bags, they are double-dipped providing a top quality of a thick black latex rubber bag.