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Our Catheters are made out of polypropylene providing the desired amount
of rigidity and are ideal for all breeds of cat and dog. Additionally cat
catheters are also manufactured from low density polyethylene to provide a
soft and flexible tube and these are supplied with a wire introducing
stylet. All catheters are fitted with a Luer lock connector and these can
be colour coded if required

The adjustable KatKath® with KatKlip, a simple locking fixation device.

• Simple open and close movement.
• Introduces the rotating collar used on the standard KatKath® catheters to avoid ‘twisting’ injuries.
• The KatKlip is small, more comfortable and better tolerated.
• The locking component is a different colour to the body of the fixation device or ease of use.
• More easily sutured in place.
• To use the full 18cm length simply remove the KatKlip and use as a standard KatKath

1 x Drape 150x175cm
1 x Incise Drape 40x40cm
2 x Op-Tape 9x49cm
1 x Bowl 250ml
1 x Op Towel 50x50cm
10 x AU+NZ Gauze Swab 10x10cm 16P XRD White 5 PPC
1 x Bowl 1000ML
2 x Tube Holder 2.5x15cm
2 x Light Handle Cover 
1 x Scalpel Blade N 11
1 x Scalpel Blade N 10
1 x Syringe 30ml L/L
1 x Plastic Bag 20x30cm Ziplock
3 x Drape 120x100cm
1 x Table Cover 150x210cm, standard

OpSite Spray is a transparent and quick drying film which is easy and convenient to apply. The film helps to provide protection for dry minor surgical and surface wounds.

Kit includes: 
Grenade suction bulb
130mm Stainless Steel Trocar
Silicon fenestrated drain and tubing 
Clamp for attachment to bandage