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The PetTrust is a reliable handheld oscillometric NIBP monitor ideal for spot checks and monitoring during surgery. Conveniently compact and portable for use throughout the clinic or out in the field. It is so simple to use that, with adequate instruction, even pet owners can check their animal’s blood pressure at home

The ApAlert Veterinary Respiration Monitor signals each patient breath and measures the time between breaths. An alarm sounds if breathing stops, slows or becomes shallower.

Conventional warm light laryngoscopes have been a part of the renowned KaWe range for many years. This high-performance quality instrument has proven itself in its every-day use as an extremely reliable and durable piece of equipment  Blades can be changed quickly and are autoclaveable at up to 134ºC. The handle is compatible with the 2.5V NiMH rechargeable battery and can be recharged in the KaWe MedCharge 4000 Charging Station.

Aerodawg Canine Aerosol Chamber (CAC) works on the same principle as the Aerokat chamber and can be used to treat respiratory conditions such as chronic bronchitis, laryngeal paralysis and tracheal collapse.

Designed for intermittent and continuous use, FDA-approved Canta Intelligent V Oxygen concentrators have an expected lifespan of over 20,000 hours of use. An intelligent self-diagnosis system ensures a consistent supply of oxygen (purity of 93 +/- 3%). Suitable for use with an anaesthetic machine.

KaWe Standard Mackintosh Laryngoscope Blade compatible with the 2.5V handle.

Compatible with the 2.5V Standard Kawe Handle.

The BM5Vet boasts 2 IBP modules, 2 temperature modules on top of ECG, respiration, NIBP and SpO2. A EtCo2 upgrade is available at additional cost (your choice of mainstream or sidestream)​. Its 10.4″ color TFT screen displays all the vital signs in different colors for easy recognition and enables you to monitor your patient clearly and easily. It boasts the SunTech Medical veterinary NIBP module which outperformed both Cardell and Critikon monitors in a study conducted at the North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2009.


The Bionet Veterinary Patient Monitor has a number of standard accessories included with the main unit:

The Bionet Veterinary Patient Monitor BM7 Vet includes all the outstanding features of the BM5 Vet but also includes the following extras:

The Bionet Veterinary Patient Monitor has a number of standard accessories included with the main unit:

The PressureEasy Cuff Pressure Controller is designed to continuously monitor tracheal cuff pressure. Its indicator window signals cuff pressure is maintained between 20-30cm/ H2O. In addition, the airway pressure auto-feedback feature boosts cuff pressure to ensure proper sealing when high pressures are used during ventilation. The only device of its kind, the PressureEasy Cuff Pressure Controller offers several other advantages over traditional methods of cuff pressure control. As a single-patient use device, this cuff pressure controller reduces potential for infection and eliminates sterilization issues with  quarantined or isolated patients. 

These single use resuscitator bags from Hudson are a must have in any anaesthesia kit.


• Swivel patient connector minimizes trauma to airway and allows easy position changes

• Unique right-angle oxygen tubing connector swivels 360 degrees to facilitate positioning

• Integral 30mm OD flow diverter allows connection to optional, adjustable PEEP valve 

• Foldable adult bag collapses for convenient,compact storage

• Pediatric and infant bags include capped pressure monitoring port and 40cm H2O pressure relief pop-off

• Adult bag available with optional 60cm H2O pressure relief and valved mask

• Individually packaged in tamper-evident drawstring bag

This compact and reliable unit can be used on all sizes of companion animals. High quality fittings help to prevent leaks. An optional trolley base is available.

The Bionet Veterinary Patient Monitor BM3 Vet features all the standard parameter measurements (ECG, SpO2, NIBP, respiration and temperature). It has a smaller screen than the BM5 Vet and does not include the SunTech NIBP module.

Easily attach your Bionet Patient monitor to this portable and stable platform.

Designed with a standard fitting to make it compatible with most oxygen bottles, this regulator reduces oxygen pressure to a safe level.

The AES Gas Evacuation System safely removes waste gas associated with everyday inhalation anesthesia. Waste gas is collected by passive flow to the AES, then is actively pushed up to 45m. 

K/F type with cage mount. Selectatec and pour fill options available. 10 year warranty.

Bionet’s low price and compact option, this veterinary patient monitor is extremely portable. It only contains a basic NIBP measurement module and no ECG capabilities.

Mainstream Capnography

With mainstream, measurements are taken directly at the patient’s airway, so response is faster and there is less chance of erroneous, artifact data. However, the sidestream module is also available and offers some advantages.

n the mouth and throat, the lighting conditions are usually poor. In order to accommodate for these conditions, KaWe has created a safe and easy intubation method using advanced light technology (LED – with up to 70 % more light) and the latest fibreoptic light guides. Blades can be changed quickly and are autoclaveable at up to 134ºC. The handle includes a rechargeable 3.5V Li-Ion battery and is compatible with the KaWe 4000 Charging Station.

The Edan VE-300 Veterinary ECG machine allows single channel or 3-channel ECG channel analysis at an affordable price. Lightweight and portable, the unit automatically measures and interprets the waveforms providing analytical results. The VE-300 is easy to use and has an array of integrated filter technologies that optimise the waveform output.

Smart Viewer software available and is purchased separately, this allows transfer of data to a PC for intensive review.

Combining the latest technologies from Edan and Respironics, this unit effectively monitors mainstream CO2 and SpO2 as an option. Capnography is one of the most useful anaesthetic parameters and hence has been included by the American Society of Anaesthesiologists in its standards for basic monitoring.