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This allows veterinary surgeons to carefully explore the congruity of the meniscal surface. Especially the caudal aspects of the meniscus are often difficult to visualise and and bucket handle tears can easily be missed by visual inspection alone.

Available in two sizes (referring to tip length), both 200mm long and manufactured from stainless steel.

1mm for use in dogs under 30kg.

2mm for use in dogs over 30kg.

Designed with overlapping tips to prevent trauma while entering the joint, these stifle distractors are ideal for exposing the medial meniscus during an arthrotomy of the canine stifle. The distractors are self-retaining for ease of use, allowing the surgeon to concentrate on exploring the meniscal surface with the Knight Benedikt Dandy Meniscus Probe.

The new compound action crimper delivers a more powerful and controlled crimp than our simple action device. The angulation of the jaws gives the surgeon a better view than straight variants. The handles sit almost parallel to the table surface which is more comfortable. In the relaxed position the compound action crimper sits more easily in the hand than market alternatives.

Speed lock type action gives more ''feel'' than ratchet type Jaws designed specifically for crimping system. The literature tells us little regarding the correct tension - we recommend that the anterior draw is eliminated but that an outward rotation of the tibia is not created. Remember over tensioning is as big a technical error as under tensioning!