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Oral solution for the prevention and treatment of selenium responsive ill-thrift and white muscle disease in sheep, horses and cattle. Contains in each 1ml, 12.1mg sodium selenate, equivalent to 5mg elemental selenium per ml.

A supplement formulated to support horses suffering from hyper-irritability and nervousness. B-Quiet™ Paste is presented in a 30gm single dose tube. B-Quiet™ powder also available 

EO3 is a rich source of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA in a palatable liquid form. EO3 can be fed to all classes of horses including foals, breeding and performing horses to provide a source of beneficial long-chain omega-3 fatty acids to improve the critical omega 3:6 ratio in the diet.

An aid in the treatment and prevention of iron deficiency anaemia in horses and greyhounds. Anaemia due to iron deficiency may be caused by worm infestations, excessive blood loss and inadequate dietary intake such as horses grazing depleted pastures or dogs on white meat diets. Often forms of iron in the diet are poorly absorbed and is only 15 – 18% available. Routine supplementation may be required in horses and greyhounds that sweat heavily or those undergoing hard training in a warm climate, to prevent development of iron deficiency anaemia. Contains 10mg/ml total Iron (as 2mg/ml Iron Acid Chelate, 5mg/ml Ammonium Iron (ІІІ) Citrate, 75 mg/ml Ferrous Gluconate), 500µg/ml manganese (as Manganese (ІІ) Sulphate) 1.5µg/ml Cobalt (as Cobalt (ІІ) Sulphate and 20µg/ml Copper (as Copper (ІІ) Sulphate.

MegaBlud is a multivitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement that supplies the horse with essential nutritional elements for improving fitness

Nutrigel is a high-calorie, mineral/vitaminised dietary supplement for dogs and cats, in the form of a highly palatable paste with protein, fats and carbohydrates. Nutrigel helps 

As a concentrated, easily administered paste, Nutrigel can be useful:

Palatable supplement for dogs of all ages containing 200mg of Deer Velvet per capsule.  Helps maintain general well-being and coat condition.

Processed and dried slices of Hard Deer Velvet Antler (HV), maintaining all the goodness, nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

For use in folic acid responsive anaemias of horses and dogs. Following prolonged treatment with sulphonamides or antibiotics. As an adjunct to Vitamin B12 therapy. 15 mg/ml folic acid

Oral supplement for racing animals and animals under stress during racing, training or heavy work situations. Vite B is particularly recommended during periods of extreme exertion, sickness or following de-worming treatments.
Vite B supplements are used to